Save the last 15 seconds of your screen and share.

QAReplay records screen continuously but only preserve the last 15 seconds before you clicked the snap button.

It helps QAs, software developers and project managers to record the key moments when reviewing their products.


  • Preserve

    Just hit the snap button save the replay of your screens.

  • Share

    Share replay clips by secured URLs.

  • Low resource usage

    Low memory usage. Extremely low battery usage. Zero disk usage

  • Actively designed for you

    New update every 2 weeks.

About QAReplay

QAReplay is specially designed and engineered for quality assurance team. It’s aiming to greatly improve QA efficiency. Help QA team record/ document product issue without a hassle.

It consumes extremely low memory usage and zero disk space. After you snap the replay, it will automatically upload to QAReplay cloud securely and generate an url. You can share the url to the issue tracking system like Jira or Trello by just copy & paste it.

Product by Appar Technologies Co., Ltd.